Tigo EI Inverter

A battery storage ready hybrid inverter that can be AC or DC coupled for new or retrofit solar installations
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EI Inverter
EI Inverter

EI Inverter


The Tigo EI Inverter is the centerpiece of the Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI) solution. It orchestrates energy production and consumption (when coupled with the Tigo EI Battery). In addition, it enables module-level monitoring, optimization, and rapid shutdown when paired with Tigo TS4 MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) through the EI platform.

Features and benefits
  • Available in 3.8, 7.6 kW, and 11.4 kW models
  • Storage-ready ‘hybrid’ inverter
  • Up to 200% DC oversizing (2:1 DC/AC ratio)
  • 50V starting voltage
  • Multiple MPPTs (3 and 4)
  • Built in Wi-Fi and Cellular communication (optional)
  • Lightweight (32 lb/45 lb)
  • <10 mins commission with EI App (incl. Tigo TS4)

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Marketing Materials
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Tigo EI (Energy Intelligence) Residential Brochure (North America)
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System diagram

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